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Put OneSoci on Steroids with the OneSoci Agency License + DFY Timeline  Campaigns + DFY Professionally Designed Cover Photos And Facebook AD Templates

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Run Your Very Own 6-Figure Facebook Agency

1. 30 DFY Timeline Campaigns

With each new overhaul of Facebook Pages, there have been increased opportunities for brands to use imagery to better promote their offerings and create visual interest, and Timeline for pages is no different. The new Facebook Timeline is actually a virtual board for you to show off your business. And that’s what these campaigns are best meant to do.

2. 30 Ready to Use  Professionally Designed Cover Photos

News feed ads are more visible to your readers because they are in their news feed. They are likely to generate many more qualified leads, as long as your business can find its targeting sweet spot on Facebook. And that’s exactly what these campaigns are designed to do.

2. 30 DFY Facebook Ad Templates

Even though the potential of advertising on Facebook with its over billion users cannot be underrated, not all businesses are taking advantage of this growing advertising channel. Of the 25 million small businesses active on Facebook, only 4% are running Facebook ads. What a huge opportunity lost for small businesses. But most businesses are wary of investing in designers, when they are not even sure if the campaign will work. Well with these templates you can be sure to run a successful campaign

4. Agency License

You can now sell ‘managing and updating’ Facebook pages as a service to your clients. You can become a social media consultant specializing in FB, that too on the side of your main business. Here’s a smart business and an opportunity to make your income grow manifold by getting clients who are struggling to make profits in their business through Facebook.

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To Take Advantage Of These Features

Tell The Story Of Your Company With These Professionally Designed Elegant 30 DFY
Cover Photos

Help Facebook Users Figure Out Who You Are And What You Do In Just 3 Seconds

A cover photo basically helps you tell the story of your company. From the day it was established to how it has branched out afterwards. Since you decide what points to highlight for the Cover each year, use the wonderfully useful “Highlight” tool to highlight the growth of your company!

When Facebook users land on your page, you want them to figure out who you are and what you do in about 3 seconds. That’s why a good cover photo is also very important.

These campaigns help you establish a consistent look and feel across pages, personal profiles and cover. It provides an array of opportunities to create a visually compelling page.

With these DFY Cover Photos you can do all this with just a few clicks. You would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in advertising costs to get such Pro-level Cover Photos

Capture More Eye-Balls By Being In Your Followers Timeline With These Awesome 30 DFY Campaigns

Expand The Name Of Your Business, Not By Super-Expensive Paid Adverts, Not By Overrated Popups, But By Attention-Grabbing News Feeds!

News feed ads are more visible to your readers because they are in their news feed. They are likely to generate many more qualified leads. These templates help your business find its targeting sweet spot on Facebook.

The DFY campaigns are professionally designed keeping in mind the recent changes to News Feed whereby Images play a greater role. Also they make sure that you get bright large and vibrant images that attract more followers to your page. If a person has “Liked” your pages, your images will appear on their news feed regularly and on their friend’s News Feeds. The more people see your business in their news feeds and follow you, the more your business and its name will expand.

They also include texts within the post and not below captions, meaning the whole layout is cleaner and the text won’t detract from the image. So go ahead and get into the news feed, memory and shopping list of your followers and their friends.

Stop Complaining About Low Click-Through-Rates And Start Using These High Converting 30 DFY FB Ad Templates To Make Crazy Profits

There's Nothing Like Failed Advertising Only Failed Campaigns

With approximately 1.28 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the 2nd-most visited website on the Internet (behind Google). All those eyeballs mean plenty of exposure for your ads.

But lately Facebook ads have gotten a bad rap. I hear of people complaining of low click-through rates, wasted money and no conversions from their ads.

The thing is that you have to remember that Facebook users are not there to see ads, they are there to see what their friends are doing, or the newest cat video…

Only if something catches their eye and is in line with their interests, will you see a response.

Compared to Google AdWords, Facebook offers additional character length for ad descriptions.

The ability to create image-based ads also adds flexibility. Also unlike AdWords, Facebook ads are targeted to the users’ demography and interests, not what they’re searching for.

Keeping all these things in mind, our designers created these 30 DFY Templates. These help you in getting people’s attention, increasing awareness and engaging with your audience, and getting you new leads and customers who become invested in and loyal to your brand..

Manage FB Pages For Your Clients And Make Massive Profits
For Them And Yourself

Agency License Gives The Power In Your Hands To Sell This As A Service And Make INSANE Profits

What if you had the ability to manage and update FB pages for your clients and help them scale up their profits? We’ll leave it to you to decide whether you want to charge them a flat fee or get yourself a comfortable monthly recurring income generated on auto-pilot.

With this upgrade, we untie your hands to give you the power to do just that!

All these features mentioned above help you offer managing Facebook Page as a service and turn yourself into a Facebook Agency on the side of your own business.

The price tag on these features combined together could be, even conservatively speaking, easily $1,097. But just because this is an upgrade and we want to reward our loyal customers… we are offering this upgrade at steal of a price.

P.S. But please remember this price is only valid for the next couple of hours. After that the price will increase. So, do not delay your decision to get the upgrade. We don’t want you to pay more later, but as the price change is system controlled, we will not be able to offer you this upgrade at this concessional rate.

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